Victoria Eastern signal box

Please note that this is not a Westinghouse lever frame signal box, it is included as it was part of the Victoria signalling system and the power frame is of historical and geographic interest.


Victoria Eastern signalbox was opened on the 4th January 1920, for the Kent lines working 3 position power operated semaphores, and was then named Victoria 'A'. The signalling on the eastern side was converted to coloured light signalling on the 25th June 1939, and the signalbox was renamed Victoria Eastern.

The signalbox was abolished on 13th May 1979, when control passed to the Victoria Central signal box, control passed to the new Victoria signalling centre located at Clapham Junction on 17th May 1980.

Victoria Eastern

The signalbox is seen here with an apparent all round clear view of the surrounding tracks

The signal box was located on the far right hand side of the station basically at the end of platform 1.

Victoria Estern left hand end of frame

Left hand platform end of the lever frame the first lever being No1 notice that first 5 levers appear to be missing!.

Photograph by the late Eric Arnold, courtesy of the Dick Morant collection. The frame is 200 levers (slides?) by GRS

Victoria Eastern right hand end of frame

The right hand end the lever frame photograph by the late Eric Arnold, courtesy of the Dick Morant collection

I can tell you the four static men at Victoria Eastern when I first went there in 1974 where Jack Wren, Jack Knight, Lawrie Pearson & Bill Atherfold. There was one vacancy which I tended to cover most of the time. There were two men on each day shift and one on nights. Trevor Maxtead - November 2014 

Victoria Eastern NX Panel

This is the temporary panel that was installed in the Victoria (Central Section) 'box in 1979 to control the South Eastern lines prior to the transfer of all of Victoria's functions to the new 'box at Clapham. Photograph by the late Eric Arnold, courtesy of the Dick Morant collection The Panel was abolished on 17th May 1980 when control of this area transferred to the Victoria signalling centre located at Clapham Junction.


None at present

Adjacent boxes

Eastern section

Factory Juncction was the adjacent box from 1939, but it was renewed not closed in 1953. It lasted until the temporary VE panel closed.

At Victoria station there was a connecting line between the Down Local Line (Central section) and the Up Metropolitan Line (Eastern section) controlled by Victoria Central 175 lever and Victoria Eastern 147 lever, it was a signalled by communication between the Eastern and Central boxes and used a block bell and a release lever.