Cannon Street signal box

Cannon Street Station signalbox has had 3 Westinghouse Westinghouse Brake & Saxby Signal Co. Ltd. miniature power lever frames, the first was a Style 'K' and had 143 levers, and this opened on the 27th July 1926 this was operational until 5th April 1957 when it and the signalbox was largely destroyed by a fire. Official investigation found that fire was probably caused by short circuit in the box wiring.The second (temporary) box was located in a refurbished part of the base of the old box.

Cannon Street signal box internior taken in 1950's, with its Westinghouse Brake and Signal Co. Ltd miniature power lever frame, notice the lack of train describers

The second Westinghouse miniature power lever frame a temporary affair installed in the Porters room at the station, this was a Style 'L' of 47 levers installed by British Rail Southern Region {BRsr} and made operational on 5th May 1957.

Cannon Street signalbox is seen here being built as there are semaphore signals present probably around 1926.

Power operation meant that a smaller signalbox could be built in 1926, with its 143 miniature levers, The signalbox is seen here being built as there are semaphore signals present. A fire in the ground floor relay room on the 5th April 1957, destroyed the building seen above, and this resulted in closure of the station completely for three days and partially for four week. Picture copyright © British Rail, reproduced by kind permission of Middleton Press, from their Charing Cross to Orpington book in the southern mainlines series published in 1991 ISBN 0906520967

For a very short while a brake van acted as signalman's accomodation, but this was replaced by a temporary timber box containing a 47-lever Westinghouse L-type miniature lever frame. The predecessor and successor boxes both also had miniature lever frames, albeit rather larger, so there was consistency in such temporary arrangements.

The third lever frame was Style 'L' frame of 167 levers installed by BR{sr} into the new replacement signalbox and this was commissioned on the 15th December 1957. Both lever frame two and three were assembled by parts from the War time contingency lever frames number L97 supplied to the LMS Railway, which was by 1957 owned by BR. The signalbox continued in use until its operation was take over the London Bridge Signalling scheme on April 15th 1976.

Cannon Street track diagram from the final track layout circa


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