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The Westinghouse Brake & Saxby Signal Co. Ltd and which later became Westinghouse Brake & Signal Co. Ltd after 1935 produced the now famous Miniature Lever Power Frame over a period of 60 plus years, from 1899 until the last frame unit was shipped in the 1960's. There were 19 styles of Frames manufactured by Westinghouse as per the table below, of these frames the Style 'B', 'L' and 'N' were the most common.

There is more information on the differences between the 'B' and 'K' style lever frame which cane be access using the Frame Type links below

Frame Type First Built Number built
ex Works
Type of Locking
Mechanical or Electrical


2 Mechanical Union Switch design of table Machine
Style 'A' 1901 4 Mechanical Modified American design to incorporate Mechanical lever
A Ground 1908 2 Mechanical  
Style 'B' 1903 101 Mechanical  
B Ground 1906 10 Mechanical  
Special 1904 3 Mechanical  
German 1905 31 Mechanical  
C Ground 1930 6 Mechanical Mechanically locked with style 'L' and parts. Forunner of the 'N' and 'O' designs
Style 'K' 1912 35 Mechanical  
KG 1927 51 Mechanical Type 'K' with internal hand generator for power.
Style 'L' 1929 109 Electrical  
M1 1908 3 Mechanical  
M2 1911 1 Mechanical  
Style 'N' 1931 40 Mechanical Mechanically locked version of 'L' for use by London Underground Railways
Style 'N2' 1946 3 Mechanical Remotely controlled version of 'N' no catch handles on lever
Style 'N2M' 1948 3 Mechanical Mechanical
version on N2
Style 'O' 1952 5 Mechanical Mechanical N for uses in underground lines.
Style 'V' 1954 * Mechanical Vertical Machine for London underground railways. Devised by R. Dell. Fitted with pneumatic vales for remote control
Style 'V1' 1961 * Mechanical


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