West Ruislip signal box

West Ruislip signal box was built by London Transport and the frame was installed in 1939-40 but the re-signalling scheme postponed for duration of the Second World War.

It was built to the London Transport Type design and opened on the 21st November 1948 fitted with a we think a 59 lever Westinghouse 'N' frame (frame number 199). See note below.

The frame also controled Ruislip Gardens via 15 of its levers, using the Route setting levers principle.

West Ruislip

Attached is a photograph taken on 5th November 1996. Picture by kind permission of © David Ingham.

picture here of the lever frame if and when one becomes availiable.

Records are a bit confusing, but it appears that the frame was ordered as a 59 lever frame, but it looks like only 44 levers were actually installed, {or maybe 44 commissioned out of 59?} original order config for 59 lever frame was 14 points, 30 signals & 14 others, final config seems to be 44 lever frame, with 11 points, 15signals & 15 route levers for Ruislip Gardens