Ruislip Gardens signal box

Ruislip Gardens was built by London Transport and the frame was installed in 1939-40 but the re-signalling scheme postponed for duration of the Second World War. It was built to the London Transport Type design and opened in 1948 fitted with a 22 lever Westinghouse 'N' frame.

The box was closed on 18th January 1993 and prior to closure was normally used in slave mode from West Ruislip but could be locally operated if needed.

picture here if and when one becomes availiable.

The 'N' Style lever frame at Stanmore is a Westinghouse Style 'N' Power Frame and was mechanically interlocked between levers with electrical lever locking, The frame was formed of 2 x 12 way section which making a total of 22 levers, {2 x 12}-2 = 22 levers, as the last “lever” space is unavailable. {with one extra lever removed / missing / not installed.


none availiable.

Adjacent boxes

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