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North Kent East Junction lever frame was a 'first' in power signalling terms, it was the very first UK installation of an all electric locking lever frame, The design of the 'L' frame was subject to Patent No. 330637 this was initiated by two Westinghouse executives, the General Manager Captain B.H. {Bernard Harvey} Peter, and his brother Major L.H. {Lesley Hurst} Peter who was Chief Mechanical Engineer. The mechanical design was by WA Pearce, who was responsible for designing the pre-cursor mechanically locked style 'K' levers frames which as installed in London Bridge, Cannon Street & Borough Market Junction

Patent number 330637 - 'Improvements relating to interlocking apparatus for railway points, signals and the like' This was deposited by Lesley Hurst Peter and Walter Alan Pearce and Westinghouse Brake & Signal at the Patent office on the March 15, 1929, the patent was granted on 16th June 1930.

Patent 330637 electrical drawing

Pictured above is part of the Patent 330637, shown here is one of the elecrtical diagrams relating to the track diagram above. This shows in Figure 1, the track diagram with main running line, wuth a siding [S] Siding exit signal [2], Siding Points [1] and main line shunt signal [3] Figure 2 showns the electrical circuits, and Figure 3 shows the lever contact arangement. The image is taken from the deposited papers at the UK Patent office in 1929.

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