Park Junction signal box

Park Junction signal box was opened by London Transport in 30th July 1939 It was built to the London Transport Type design and was fitted with an 83 lever Westinghouse 'N' frame number 189

The box was closed on 25th March 1984.on closure of the depot.

Patrk junction signal cabin

Park Junction Box 1956

Owen writes 'The largest signal Box on the Northern Line.But due to the last war, the 1938 plans to electrify from Finsbury Park to Alexander Palace plus the Mill Hill Edgware link not to mention the expansion of Highgate woods sidings that were never track circuited. You note from the diagram that they have been covered with paper. The Alexandra Palace branch is shown. Now there were more spare levers than those in use. 
Picture is © of Owen Smithers and is reproduced with permission of © Owen Smithers.

Records show that the 83 lever frame had a number of spare levers, the working one's were 45 points, 23 signals and 10 route levers and 3 calling on arms.

Park junction signal cabin disused in 1990

How time changes everything! Nick Catford took this picture is August 1990, some 6 years after closure, the box has been vandalised, the weather has got in and rusted all the chrome lever handles, and everything looks in a really sorry state. i guess it all got demolished and all went for scrap, which is a shame really considering how much it originally cost. Picture is reproduced with permission of Nick catford and is copyright © to Nick Catford.