Orchard Green Junction signal box

A demonstration lever frame at Haven Street Museum Isle of Wight Railway

The Demonstration signalling display pictured below consists of a small with its Westinghouse Brake & Signal Co. Ltd. Style 'L' Power Lever Frame of 11 levers. This has been set-up to represent the fictional 'Orchard Green Junction'. The frame is complete with one full sized colour light signal with junction route indicator. The display is working well and proving popular with museum visitors. It is located at the Isle of Wight steam railway museum at Haven Street Station.

Orchard Green Junction

Above is a general view of the 'L' Style lever frame with the signals at green and the Route indicator on the signal showing its white lights for a left hand junction. The signal aspects are repeated behind the levers.
Picture is by kind permission of © to Dave Walker.

Orchard Green Junction

Picture with points reversed {lever No. 7} and all signals at red as all the other levers are in the normal position.
Picture is by kind permission of © Dave Walker.

Orchard Green Junction

Another view of the lever frame. Picture is by kind permission of © to Dave Walker.

Orchard Green Junction

The history of this frame is as follows:-
The railway was offered the frame by AMEC at Eastleigh a few years ago as it was destined for the skip. Initially our management did not want to take it but Dave Walker and Pete Corby persuaded them that it was too good to miss.

From what we gathered from AMEC's Dick Penfield who offered it to us it was originally one of the London frames (or part of) and had been used as a training aid and probably been used at the Clapham Junction training school.
After this had been dismantled and after a period of storage the frame had been moved to store at Salisbury and then onto the storage facility at Eastleigh. It had lain for years contained in several boxes and open pallets.

As to which of the London boxes it had started out as I have no idea and indeed I am not really sure about the other information as it was only what Dick thought had happened.

We have the single section (11 levers) in use at Haven Street as a hands on feature for the visitors in the museum. As we are sadly lacking in anything hands on anywhere on the site. This was done by Pete and Dave mainly in our own time. The frame operates a mock up 4 aspect signal with junction feather. It also operates a series of signals on a model alongside the frame with gives the public an idea of multi-aspect signalling. It is a pretty basic set up using the contacts to change aspects or relays with a bit of locking on the point lever, but nothing like a proper signalling set up.

We called it Orchard Green as Viv Orchard was the then Signal & Telephone supervisor and Ted Green is the shop manager, hence Orchard Green!
My thanks to Dave Walker Isle of Wight steam railway PW and S&T Manager for the information.

See www.iwsteamrailway.co.uk/pages/Civ_engineering/trk_2003.htm