North Acton signal box

North Acton signal box was built by London Transport and the frame was installed in 1939-40 but the re-signalling scheme postponed for duration of the Second World War. It was built to the London Transport Type design and opened in 24th June 1947 fitted with an 11 lever Westinghouse 'N' frame (frame number 208).

The signalbox was worked as a signalbox until 7th April 1973. When opened levers controlling North Acton Junction were electro pneumatic slave operated from Wood Lane signal cabin.

Control passed to White City when this signalbox was opened in July 1984. The local crossover was only worked locally in an emergency. From 8th April 1973 all levers were then operated by the local IMR, which was controlled from the Push Button Desk in White City.

The Frame was removed in 2002, The lever frame is now being installed at the Thames Ditton Miniature Railway at a signal box called Hampton Court Junction, this is operated by Malden District Society of Model Engeers Ltd.

The 'N' Style lever frame

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Adjacent boxes

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