Newport West signal box

Please note that this is not a Westinghouse lever frame signal box, it is included as it is of historical and geographic interest.

Newport West signal lever frame

Interior of Newport West showing the Siemens Frame which was designed by R.J Insell and L.M Ferrera and utilised the Insell - Ferrera Route working principle. Details were worked out in a joint collaboration between Mr R.J Insell and Mr L.M Ferrera the later being the assistant signal engineer to the Great Western Railway. The first system to be installed was on a small scale at Winchester Cheese Hill on the Didcot to Newbury and Southhampton line.Once the system was thoroughly proved the system was then installed on the then very busy Newport {Monmouth} on the South Wales main line of the Great Western Railway. This form of route working using the miniature levers was destined to be one of a kind and unique in British practice, but it proved to be reliable and though heavily worked, it gave excellent service and lasted nearly forty years


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