Irwell Bridge Sidings Ground Frame signal box

Irwell Bridge Sidings Ground Frame signal box was opened on 10th March 1929 by the London, Midland & Scottish Railway as a non block post . It was built to a non standard design by a local builder and was fitted with a 15 lever Westinghouse 'K' frame. By 1937 the Ground Frame suffix had been deleted and the box was known as Irwell Bridge Sidings.

When opened Irwell Bridge Sidings Ground Frame replaced Irwell Bridge Sidings signal box, a Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Standard design box opened as a non block post in 1895, and fitted with a 29 lever Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Tappet frame.

The box was out of use by September 1981. The frame was still in situ in December 1981 but had been removed by 1992. The box was closed 13th March 1988, when Irwell Bridge carriage sidings were taken out of use, and the box was demolished on 31st May 1998.

Irwell Bridge GF Sidings [Manchester] signal box taken in 1981, external view, this housed a Westinghouse Style 'K' miniature power lever frame.

Picture above by kind permission of © David A Ingham, shows the signalbox in its later years on the 29th September 1981.


Relay and Fuse cabinets

orignal track plan for Victoria West junction

track plan

track plan


Adjacent boxes

To the East, Victoria West Junction signal box (498yds away) was the adjacent signal box. It closed on 08/08/1993 when Manchester Victoria East Junction signal box (900yds away) became the adjacent box until closure.

Irwell Bridge Sidings Ground Frame signal box was 353yards away from Deal Street.