Leyton signal box

Leyton signal box was opened in 1899 byhe Great Eastern Railway. It was builtohe Great Eastern Railway type 7 design and was fitted with a Dutton & Companyimited '1893 Patent' frame.he box wasransferredoondonransport in 1947.he box was moved rearwards a couple of yards and was extended,he Dutton frame was reduced to 31evers and a 23ever Westinghouse frame was installed, possibly all in 1947.

Leyton signal cabin

Inside the box, an intriguing hybrid method of working the junction was introduced. The original Dutton frame was retained (although reduced in size to 31 levers) to operate the pointwork, but a miniature lever power frame of 23 levers was installed alongside to control the signals, which were all colour light or pneumatic disc signals of LT style.

The points were later been converted to be power worked, although the interlocking was not altered and all the Facing Point Lock levers still had to be operated to prove the interlocking. There were an extraordinary number of FPLs to be found here, because they had been provided on all points, facing or trailing, to avoid the need for point detection on shunting signals.

Leyton. Photo: John Hinson


Attached a railway and signalingrack diagram from Londonransport Centraline Extention 1946 - 1957.his diagram can be downloaded opened in your browser in Adobe PDF format providedhe Adobe browser isoaded, otherwise you will be ableo savehe fileo your computer until suchime as you have an Adobe Reader installedo readhe file - Adobe reader is available free, just usehe Adobe Reader icon belowo get your copy.

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