India signal box - South Africia

John Francis recently had the pleasure of a trip to South Africa as part of his IRSE Presidential Duties. His hosts there took him to see many things but included a couple of Westinghous Brake and Signal Co. Ltd style 'L' miniature power lever frames. Germiston is still operated by Spoornet and so retains its green colour. In addition to these two boxes.


The India frame carried plate No. 117 which was built for Natalspruit. With 71 levers fitted this bears out the additional 12 levers sent out in 1956 to add to the original 59 for Natalspruit so I guess it went straight to India in its extended form?

Unfortunately John did not have time to go to the other boxes so it is not know their numbers or how many levers each have. John was also able to see the last Siemens all-electric miniature frame in use in SA at Booysens. Picture by kind permission of © John Francis 2006

There was however another signal cabin on the Aldwych shuttle platform at Holborn which controlled access to the Aldwych branch from the Eastbound Piccadilly line. Concensious appear to state that this frame had 7 levers. My thanks to Steve Roverts for this information.



none availiable.

Adjacent boxes

details to follow.