Hardwick signal box

Hardwick signal box with its Westinghouse Brake & Signal Co. Ltd. Style 'L' Power Lever Frame is a 23-lever frame that was part of the original Crewe South Junction which had 227 levers and was in use from 1939 until 1986, this was obtained and installed and commissioned in 1993. The Signal Box is equipped as far as possible as an old LMS Signal Box would have looked in around the 1950's with an illuminated diagram made of timber with a hand painted track layout, and two red lamps at the extremities of each track circuit

Hardwick signal box is now used to controlĀ and operate the Cockcrow Railway along with Everglades Junction & Cockcrow Hill signal boxes. This true to scale live steam miniature railway is located at Chertsey near London.

heardwick Above: The frame is a Westinghouse Style 'L' Power Frame which is all electrically locked. The frame was formed of 2 x 12 way section which making a total of 23 levers, {2x12}-1 = 23 levers, as the last “lever” space is unavailable.7 of these levers worked the points, 18 signal levers operated the coloured light signals, and 6 spare levers when the frame was supplied and installed. This made the working lever total of 25.


The Westinghouse Brake & Signal Co. Ltd lever frame, with its indicators behind the levers, the 4 glass roundels showed the signal aspect, being Red, Yellow, Green & 2nd Yellow reading from bottom to top. The top indicator behind the signal lever is the "F" light and this became lit when the lever was normal, all points in the route correctly detected and all relevant track circuits clear. You could pull the lever at any time provided that the locking was correct but the signal would not clear unless the "F" light was lit before the lever was pulled.

In following basic LMS practice, the point operating levers have notched quadrants at the ‘B’ and ‘D’ positions for point indication locking and the signals have quadrant notches at the ‘B’ position for back locking. Of course being an all-electric locking frame ‘A’ and ‘E’ locks and quadrants are provided on all levers. (Euston Station was the one LMS ‘L’ frame not to have indication locking the points were EP operated abd thus it was felt that indication locking was superfluous as the time of point operation was so fast – the detection was added with lever position in the signal lever release circuit).

At Hardwick, following LMS tradition, 1 lever is provided for a signal no matter how many routes are available from that signal. To aid the signalman, above the lever is provided an indication that shows what route (or destination) is presently set for that signal. The pull plates are in front of the lever on a shelf that is standard for all ‘L’ frames (presently with temporary labels, but the intention is to replace them with brass pull plates as originally provided). The signal indications simply show red when the signal is at danger and white when the signal is "off". Although the Railway is completely track circuited, absolute block working is in force to the next Signal Box using Midland Railway type instruments (circa 1914) will full track circuit controls.


Adjacent boxes

Everglades Juncton is the next signal box