Debden signal box

Debden signal box was opened by London Transport in 1949. It was built to the London Transport Type design and was fitted with a 59 Westinghouse 'N2M' frame (frame number 215). Only 35 levers were used and the remainder were never installed, and the box was closed on 29/07/1996.

The 'N2M' Style lever frame

Debden Frame

Above: The Westinghouse Style 'N2M' Power Frame is mechnically interlocked and is provided with electric backlocks for signalling and front and back locking for points. The frame was formed of 3 x 12 way section which making a total of 36 levers, {3x12}-1 = 35 levers, as the last “lever” space is unavailable. Picture coutsey of © Henry Davidson

Debden track diagram

Picture coutsey of © Henry Davidson


Attached a railway and signaling track diagram from London Transport Central Line Extention 1946 - 1957. This diagram can be downloaded opened in your browser in Adobe PDF format

Adjacent boxes

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