Dal Josafat signal box - South Africa

There is a Style 'L' Westinghouse miniature power lever frame installed in the signal cabin at Dal Josafat near Paarl in South Africia . The signal box was orignally equipped with standard lever frame and station was orignally fitted with semaphores. The Westinghouse miniature power lever frame was installed in 1960's and consists of 35 levers.

Dal Josafat signal box taken in 2006, with its Westinghouse Brake and Signal Co. Ltd miniature power lever frame photograph 1

The frame is a Westinghouse Style 'L' Power Frame which is all electrically locked. The frame was formed of 3 x 12 way sections which making a total of 35 levers, {3x12}-1 = 35 levers, as the last “lever” space is unavailable. ? of these levers worked the points, ? signal levers operated the coloured light signals, and ? spare levers when the frame was supplied and installed. This made the working lever total of ? This may be frame serial number 136 as that is the only South African order with 35 levers.
Picture reproduced by kind permission of © Dylan Knott.

It is interesting to note that the 'F' light behind the lever is at the bottom of the indicator stack, where as in the UK it is usually located at the top of the indicator light stack.