Churston signal box

Churston signal box with its Westinghouse Brake & Signal Co. Ltd. Style 'L' Power Lever frame was opened by the Torbay & Dartmouth Railway on 25th June 1979 and was closed just 12 year later in 1991.

All though the picture shows two token instruments they do not appear to be in use. They may have been brought into use but there was never an adjacent box at the Paignton end of the line. At the Dartmouth end of the line there was a box named Britannia Crossing but I am pretty sure Churston did not work to it.

However Britannia Crossing was fitted with a panel in 1990, and an additional panel in 1991 which suggests that it replaced Churston box. (The Torbay & Dartmouth Railway was re-named Paignton & Dartmouth Railway at some stage)

After closure the lever frame has eventually donated in 2011 to the Bluebell Railway in Sussex, and it is installed in Kingcoat signal box, along with other sections from Clapham Junction B box obtained from the National Railway Museum in York


Picture above by kind permission of © David A Ingham.

The frame is a Westinghouse Style 'L' Power Frame which is all electrically locked. The frame was formed of 1 x 12 way section which making a total of 11 levers, {1x12}-1 = 11 levers, as the last “lever” space is unavailable. 2 of these levers worked the points, 7 signal levers operated the signals, these was 1 special lever and 1 spare levers when the frame was installed. This made the working lever total of 10.


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Adjacent boxes

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