Abbeydale South signal box

Abbeydale South signal box with its Westinghouse Brake & Signal Co. Ltd. Style 'N' Power Lever Frame is a reconstruction of the whole lever frame from the original xxx signal box which was originally installed in yyy. Abbeydale South signal box is now used to control and operate the Abbeydale Miniature Railway This true to scale live steam miniature railway is located at Sheffield and operated by the Sheffield & District Society of Model & Experimental Engineers Ltd..

Abbeydale south signal box inetrior

The view from the signal box at Abbeydale South junction looking towards Abbeydale Station where our club loco "Edward" is about to depart with a train full of passengers. All points (switches) and signals are fully interlocked for safety, and the whereabouts of trains and the various signal aspects can be monitored by the signalman on the track plan above the levers. Points are actuated by pneumatic cylinders

The signal box was made by the members of Sheffield smee and it is for the whole line although a majority of the line is automatic.

More information to follow when I have it.


abbeydale trackplan